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Something new...

2013-06-27 21:51:56 by mrbipolar

Well I went and did it! I made something new. Granted it was mainly due to boredom whilst doing my work, but hey, beggars can't be choosers...

Be sure to let me know what you think!


It is time...

2013-04-12 19:44:38 by mrbipolar

I have finally recovered from my accident to 100% vocally... so I believe it is time to start voice work again. I have work away from home now so the schedule is a little tighter than before but I am ready for my triumphant return!

I live! (sorta)

2012-12-07 12:04:39 by mrbipolar

So for those of you that have me added on facebook you know that I was recently involved in an auto accident on Nov. 20th. I am sorry I have not been able to talk to people in that time. But I will still not be able to do any VO's or anything for the time being as I am bed ridden. Something about having your pelvis shattered does that... Either way. So there you go no muss no fuss, I will be popping on to see things for a little while and maybe laugh a little at the new animations (despite the broken ribs). But at least I am alive!

Hey maybe if you guys ask nicely I will post a pic of my hairy ass, showing the scar from the pelvic reconstruction surgery... but only if you ask nicely


Trying to be productive

2012-05-22 04:50:31 by mrbipolar

So in trying to be productive I put together a character and commercial demo. I feel better now lol. I hope you all enjoy and remember I welcome constructive criticism.

Contest results

2012-04-02 02:18:53 by mrbipolar

Wow The Voice acting contest 8 results are in and I must say I am truly humbled. I am grateful that I made 4th place and I believe everyone did an excellent job. This competition was a fierce one. There was alot of great talent, most of which I heard for the first time and I am wondering why they have been hiding for so long with the kind of talent they have! lol. Either way, Thank you judges for your decisions and thank you all for making this a great contest!

Fund Raising!

2012-02-22 23:48:34 by mrbipolar

Friday, February 24th at 10pm EST Uncivilized behavior and Voice acting Radio (VA Radio) will be holding a live fundraiser and stuff. We will have giveaways, contests, trivia, skits, live music and MORE! Be there even if you are contributing cause it will be a blast! I do so hope to see you there!

Here is where the fun will be:clickitcauseyouloveme

This message is brought to you by Alcohol...

Fund Raising!

loving the redesign

2012-02-08 02:29:00 by mrbipolar

I must say this redesign is quite sexy... takes a little getting used to, but, I am liking some of the nw features!

now to business. If'n you want to I think you should follow me on twitter @mrbipolarjerry (cause i'm sexy... yeh) and also you should check out this awesome podcast I am involved in with sirkillington and jashinya (cause we can) Yes is us bullshitting the whole time... and it is hilarious! Don't believe me? well listen to it and be the judge of that yourself. I am not here to judge you OR your lack of good taste... :P

also if you got here cause you love my voice acting skills... (doubtful but hey, I can dream) then you should totally also check out VA Radio at they have some awesome tips for all us novice voice artists to glean wisdom from... enjoy everybody

loving the redesign

Uncivilied Behavior

2012-01-13 22:04:08 by mrbipolar

you should listen because I said so!

http://uncivilizedbehavior.wordpress.c om/

OK, But wash it first

2011-11-06 16:17:20 by mrbipolar

Ladies and gentlemen, (mostly gentlemen) I have been busy lately I am currently working on recording for 2 projects and I have also gotten a few personal invitations to audition via the voices website. So I am very happy for that opportunity.

Secondly, thank you to those of you that sent me a pm about my VAC7 entry I appreciate your words. I had alot of fun on that and even if I just got 8th place, I still won because I got some great feedback on how I could improve. That's winning in my book.

And Lastly, you should check out VA Radio if you haven;t already. It is a really awesome podcast about voice actors, by voice actors. yeh that was corny... either way here is the like to the website.
Check it out!

I'm MrBiPoLaR, and I approve this message!

OK, But wash it first

VA Radio!

2011-09-27 02:34:29 by mrbipolar

VA Radio episode #23: Too Young for Toons is online now.

I love this podcast. If you want to learn about voice acting, listen to them!

This episode features a skit by yours truly! go ahead and get your weekly dose of VA Radio!