I live! (sorta)

2012-12-07 12:04:39 by mrbipolar

So for those of you that have me added on facebook you know that I was recently involved in an auto accident on Nov. 20th. I am sorry I have not been able to talk to people in that time. But I will still not be able to do any VO's or anything for the time being as I am bed ridden. Something about having your pelvis shattered does that... Either way. So there you go no muss no fuss, I will be popping on to see things for a little while and maybe laugh a little at the new animations (despite the broken ribs). But at least I am alive!

Hey maybe if you guys ask nicely I will post a pic of my hairy ass, showing the scar from the pelvic reconstruction surgery... but only if you ask nicely



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2012-12-07 14:01:18

well i do need a daily dosage of hairy ass!


2012-12-18 18:50:59

Just rub some dirt on it, ya pussy. <3


2013-02-17 07:32:16

Wow I didn't even know!

that's terrible

I imagine you're still recovering even now and i wish you the best!

mrbipolar responds:

Thanks muchly!